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Relax Kids have a range of high quality relaxation and mindfulness products including books and CDs. There can be used at home or in school. Below you can see a few examples of items. Please enquire if you would like more information or to order any of the items.

I am now a Relax Kids Affiliate so please use the following link to order direct
I gain a small commission on all purchases and you get a 10% discount if you add the code ALISONRELAXKIDS10 at checkout.

Mindful books, CDs and Affirmation cards. Prices vary accordingly

Example Calm box. Each box is bespoke to the needs of the person using it.

Bespoke calm boxes made on request. These boxes are tailored to your individual needs. Price varies according to contents.

Example calm box items. These items increase awareness through the sense of feeling.

Expandable breathing ball- a great tool to help with calming down and relaxing £5

Laminated cards give instructions on how to calm.


class or workshop